About CleanCode®

Meet CleanCode®

CleanCode® is a tool, which aims to analyze the source code of COBOL programs, identify what is not executed, and generate a new cleaned code.


With all the information collected and stored in its data repository, CleanCode® makes available in graphic format all the source code of the analyzed COBOL programs, quantifying all the lines, variables, and commands on each of its divisions, based on predefined rules.

It allows the user to have a simple, effective view and a better knowledge of the analyzed program.

  • Compatibility & Rules

    CleanCode® is full compatible with z/OS Cobol / DB2 / CICS and iSeries ILE Cobol/DB2/CICS. Is based on pre-defined rules that can be enabled or disable on a project base, such as remove unsed conditions, independent items, copybooks/SQL includes, unreachable code, etc
  • Environment

    All CleanCode® features are run out of the box from z/OS and iSeries. It will consumes no extra resources on that systems.
    CleanCode® does all the work for you, it pre-compile, analyze the source and the cleaning work.

  • App or z/OS Agent

    CleanCode® can run as a single software in a windows Environment and be managed trought the user interface or as a job step added on your standard COBOL compilation procedures.

  • Performance Recommendations

    A report is generated to show you statements that are unnecessarily consuming MIPS and that can be fixed in a very simple way.
    Each recommendation has a Rank that shows the potential gain each time the Cobol statement is executed and a Risk level that gives you an idea about the risk involving this changes.