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Powerful & Complete Tool

CleanCode is intended to carry out Monitoring and Quality Assurance of the source code of programs
written in COBOL, CICS, DB2 language.

With its own algorithms, it analyzes, identifies and cleans all Dead or Unreacheable Code, and launches alert messages
with recommendations for Corrective/Evolutionary action with the respective Rules to be applied to programs with:

High consumption - Low performance - Lack of security - Programming Best Practices
Unexpected behavior caused by Migration to Cobol V6.3.

Want to know more on how to improve your sources?

Prevent Errors

Prevent human errors involved during identification of unreachable and dead code

Remove dead/unreachable code

Clean the code of COBOL apps , keeping you away from recurrence and unproductive analysis of unreachable and dead code

Decrease the price of services based on code line

Significantly reduce your maintenance time as your old complex code lines can be reduced by 40%

Optimize Human Resource work time

Get new improved source code without trash.

Reduce maintenance time and costs

Reduces your costs by optimizing your internal programmer´s work time and your external outsourcing base on code-lines.

Increase productivity of Development teams

By reducing the maintenance and costs, with CleanCode® you can take advantage of more time doing what really matters.

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High compatibility

CleanCode is continually evolving, with new rules and being updated to be fully compatible with the latest versions of related software.

Cleaning & Performance rules

Based on flexible rules, CleanCode generates a new cleaned source code, without dead and unreachable code. It also produces a report with potential minor changes that will reduce your installation MIPS requirements.

z/OS Agent

Allows CleanCode to run as a batch job step in your installation standard compile procedures to run in a totally transparent way with an unexpressive MIPS consumption on your z/OS system. The server component, that does all CleanCode work, can run on Windows, Unix, Linux, or even on your preferred Cloud provider.