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Meet CleanCode®

CleanCode® is a powerful tool, which aims to analyze the source code of COBOL programs, identify what is not executed, and generate a new cleaned code.

Prevent Errors

Prevent human errors involved during identification of unreachable and dead code

Remove dead/unreachable code

Clean the code of COBOL apps , keeping you away from recurrence and unproductive analysis of unreachable and dead code

Decrease the price of services based on code line

Significantly reduce your maintenance time as your old complex code lines can be reduced by 40%

Optimize Human Resource work time

Get new improved source code without trash.

Reduce maintenance time and costs

Reduces your costs by optimizing your internal programmer´s work time and your external outsourcing base on code-lines.

Increase productivity of Development teams

By reducing the maintenance and costs, with CleanCode® you can take advantage of more time doing what really matters.

CleanCode Features

Advanced features.

Agent z/OS

z/OS Agent is the component that runs on the IBM z/OS operating system and allows the CleanCode to be executed as a JOB-STEP, thus enabling its insertion, in a transparent way, in the compilation procedures.

Coprocessor support for CICS / DB2 / DLI

For all oficial Cobol EXEC Statments.

Cobol 6.3 Compatible and oldest versions

Already compatible with the latest Cobol version.

CleanCode Features

User Friendly & More

Cobol (z/OS & AS/400)

Multi IBM Platforms support.

DataBase Independent

Support any database from Cobol.

Auto CrossReference

Automaticaly detects needed DLCGEN & CopyBooks.

Full interactivity during execution

Usable during the process execution.

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